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Salt Spring Island Rod & Gun Club
Trap, Rifle, Pistol, Archery and 20 Yard Indoor Range

Salt Spring Island Rod and Gun Club 
Since 1913



The club is located at 223 Long Harbour Rd. 
Club facilities include Trap, 100 yard Rifle Range, Archery, Pistol and 20 yard Indoor Range.  
 We have meeting rooms available for both member and public functions. The trap range has it's own trap shack.

Canadian Firearms Safety Course / Canadian Restricted Firearms Safety Course

The next PAL and PAL Restricted Courses are scheduled for June 5 and 6, 2121.

 If you wish to register for the next course contact Dorothy at Registration is on a first come and paid basis 

Cost for the PAL is $200 and the Restricted PAL is $100

Indoor Range and Facilities Re opened Within COVID 19 Regulations

The facilities have been reopened for use by club members. Please refer to Club Rules and Rates (above) for information on
procedures to be followed to meet COVID 19 requirements.

 Information Regarding Various Legal, Regulatory and Personal Actions Involving The Club  

The Salt Spring Island Rod and Gun Club has had a long list of legal and regulatory challenges imposed by essentially
one individual and a few of his followers. In order for people to understand the extent to which the Club has been pursued,
various court, newspaper and other documents have been compiled for public scrutiny. The information is all in the public
domain without comment from the Club. To Access the information select the link below or select “Legal Info” above.

Legal Info

 Critical Fundraising for the Rod and Gun Club
  The following is a copy of an email that has been sent to Salt Spring Island Rod and Gun Club members and Supporters.
What it represents is the dire need for funding in order to stay in operation. We would encourage anyone reading this
who supports fairness and justice to consider making a donation. The legal and other actions that we are fighting
  not only impact our little club it has consequences for all gun enthusiasts across BC and Canada.
We were able to announce good news at last night's monthly meeting...WE WON the latest injunction against us.
You can read the summary our lawyer sent us.  This all bodes well for our continuing battle to get back what was
taken and what they are still trying to take.  I hate to say this again, but that takes money.  Already this year ten
members have upgraded to Lifetime memberships.  This really is a win-win situation in that the Club gets the funds
it needs now and the member is saving money in the not-so long run.  It's not a donation, it's a good deal.  But
donations are good as well and people have been giving what they can.  So, read the good news below and see
if you can't bring yourself to help us keep on winning.  This is about a helluva lot more than one old gun club trying
to survive.
  1.  The plaintiffs needed to meet a two part test to get the injunction.  The first is usually a low hurdle
which is just that there is a triable issue pleaded.  In this case, the judge said that there is a real question and
serious doubt about whether there is a triable issue with respect to the environmental claims given what was
canvassed, or could have been canvassed in trial in the first action.  
  2.  The judge said that despite that, there may be a triable issue with respect to nuisance by water - that is to say the
question about whether there is a cause of action in damages or injunctive relief for water which is diverted from the
drainage ditch and flows onto the plaintiffs’ land.  Of course, this is a minor issue which could be remedied by simply
diverting the ditch, getting rid of it altogether (filling it in) or perhaps by building a settling pond.  It is likely best to wait
until the MOE process has gone through to make those decisions - there is no sense in working at cross purposes.  
  3.  The judge said that despite the fact that there may be a triable issue with respect to the movement of water, it would
not justify injunctive relief because: (a) there was no admissible evidence on whether there were contaminants in the
water flowing through the ditch; (b) there was inadequate evidence of irreparable harm - i.e. water itself is not sufficiently
harmful in these circumstances to cause irreparable harm; (c) the plaintiffs’ don’t have an obligation to accept water
flowing from your property to their property and as such could simply block it by damming their property or otherwise
diverting the water they find objectionable.  He didn’t get into the evidence any more than that (i.e. historical use etc.)
or deal with the fact that their property is already contaminated by lead from historical shooting.
   To convert your membership to a Lifetime Membership or to make a donation: Send a letter and your Cheque to
  SSI Rod and Gun Club
PO Box 442 Ganges Post Office
Salt Spring Island ,  B.C.  
 V8K 2W1
  - OR by hand delivery to
  Rental Stop Ltd
1-327 Rainbow Road
Salt Spring Island
  - OR by Email Money Transfer (EMT) via email address
  For any further explanation or assistance do not hesitate to contact  us by selecting the CONTACT US 
  button on the Home Page and selecting the email address for the Treasurer or for additional information
  including court transcripts and media reporting select the button LEGAL INFO on the Home page
  Thank you for your understanding and help at this critical time.  

John Wiebe, Treasurer 
 Victoria Fish and Game Assoc. Shooting Access for SSIRGC Members
  The Victoria Fish and Game Association has generously extended the "guest" day pass rate to SSIR&G
members (regular day pass rate is $50 while the Guest pass is presently $20).  This is another helping hand
being given our Club members by 'Vic. Fish and Game' and will probably be welcomed by those of you that
crave a little whiff of gunpowder outdoors......or just wanting to top off that perfect day of shopping off-island.    
Important Membership Renewal Information
- by check and mailed to: 
SSI Rod and Gun Club PO Box 442 Ganges Post Office Salt Spring Island ,  -1   V8K 2W1 CANADA
- OR by hand delivery of check to 
Rental Stop Ltd. 1-327 Rainbow Road  Salt Spring Island
- OR by Email Money Transfer (EMT) via email address  
 - If you decided to send a check to the Club mailing address or      by hand delivering it to the Rental Stop or by paying using Email      Money Transfer (EMT), a second email will be sent to you advising     that the check or THE EMT transfer is processed.
    Until then, your membership will remain as Pending.
  If you have any questions or problems please contact us at the club email address
 Island Return It Fund Raising
We now have an account at Island Return It. Account 155 or Rod and Gun. If items are sorted and cleaned
we get 100% of the value. If they have to be cleaned and sorted then we get 50% of the value.
A great way for members and the community to support our urgent fund raising needs.
Rod and Gun Club Save-a-Tape Box at Country Grocers
Club members and anyone supporting our efforts to survive - we have a Save-a-Tape box at Country Grocers.
The Box Number is 129. Please make an effort to drop off your receipts in our Box 129. We need all the
financial help we can get in these difficult times. We appreciate the opportunity provided to us by Country Grocer
to help us with our funding. It does add up - Country Grocer contributes around $100,000 per year to various community
charities and clubs on Salt Spring.
  Rod and Gun Club Thrifty Smile Program Cards

We have been notified by Thrifty that they are changing the manner in which the Smile Card Fundraising Program
will be managed in the future. These changes make it very difficult for us to administer.

Unfortunately we regret that we will have to terminate our participation in this program.

You can continue to use your Fundraising Smile Cards however, after June 15, 2021 it will no longer
generate a contribution to our organization. 
Members may load funds onto their existing Fundraising Smile
Cards prior to June 15, 2021. 5% of the total amount loaded will be allocated to
the club and be included in
the final pay out.
If needed we can request additional cards for distribution prior to June 15, 2021.

It should be noted that all funds earned under the existing program structure will be paid out in full after June 15, 2021.


We would like to express our sincere thanks to Thrifty for the support that they have provided to us.

 Shooting on Outdoor Range Limited to Trap Shooting Only

Until further notice all discharge of firearms outside is limited to TRAP Shooting for a maximum of 2 hours per week.
  It is crucial that this directive is strictly adhered to. Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.
John Foley

Indoor Range Hours:
10:00 am to 9:00 pm, Tuesday through Saturday
Mondays and Wednesday evenings are archery programs
Saturday 10:00 am to 3:00 pm .22 rifle and handgun shooting in the Indoor Range.
Check the Event calendar for additional times when the Indoor Range has been reserved
Outdoor Range Hours:
Outdoor Shooting Limited to Trap Shooting Only

Trap Shooting limited to 2 hours per week until further notice

Thanks,  SIR&GC
Members are responsible to adhere to all club rules and applicable laws.



Become a member today and start enjoying the many activities the Salt Spring Island Rod & Gun Club has to offer.      




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