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A. Canadian Firearms Safety Courses

1.  Non-restricted (rifles & shotguns)

The CFSC is designed to apply to the broadest possible spectrum of novice firearm users.
The course emphasizes safe storage, display, transportation, handling and use of non-restricted firearms.
At the conclusion of the course, there is a written test and practical firearms handling test using disabled firearms and dummy ammunition.

2. Restricted Firearms Safety Course ( Handguns )

The CRFSC is an introductory firearms safety course for those individuals who wish to acquire restricted firearms. Individuals must have
passed the CFSC before taking the Canadian Restricted Firearms Safety Course.
All Canadian Firearms Safety Courses are taught by a certified Canadian Firearms Safety Course instructor(s)

For information about the firearms courses contact: North Island Firearm Safety Courses at for course and registration information.

3. CORE Hunter Education Course

To acquire a hunting license you must pass the CORE hunter training course which covers the following topics:
- Conservation
- Ethics
- Laws & Regulations
- First Aid & Survival
- Firearms Safety
- Animal & Bird Identification

The CORE Hunter Education Course is available from the B.C. Wildlife Federation.
For more info Select the link below:


4.  Hunter Education: Online  Training for your Hunting License® offers the most convenient way to get your Canadian hunting certificate. 
You can study and take a portion of your hunter safety course completely online

At the present time, is not an option for obtaining a Hunter Education Card in British Columbia.

Check the link below to see what is available

Hunter education Online

Firearm Licensing

For details on the regulations and process for acquiring firearm licenses click the link below, 

RCMP Firearms Licensing

BC - Hunting  Licensing

For details on the regulations and process for acquiring hunting licenses in BC click the link below.

BC - Fishing Licensing

For details on the regulations and process for acquiring fishing licenses in BC click the links below.