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Agricultural Law Newsletter RE Milne vs SSI Rod and Gun Club

Published on 6/21/2014
A justice of the British Columbia Supreme Court has granted a limited
injunciton in favour of a small farmer whose sheep, turkeys and chickens
were startled and "piled" (some died) as a result of loud gunshots emanating
from a neighbouring gun club. The gun club was required to make a number
of modifications to reduce noise to accommodate the farmer and the
residents of other small acreage who had moved to the Saltspring Island
location of the gun club long after it was established in 1959. (Milne v.
Saltspring Island Rod and Gun Club, CALN/2014-023, [2014] B.C.J. No.
1236, British Columbia Supreme Court)
Milne v. Saltspring Island Rod and Gun Club; CALN/2014-023, Full text: [2014

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