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Salt Spring Island Rod & Gun Club
Trap, Rifle, Pistol, Archery and 20 Yard Indoor Range

Club Rules & Rates

Club Rules & Rates




If you renew or apply between

January and August

your membership is

valid to the end of the current year

If you renew or apply between

September and December

the membership fee is pro-rated and

valid from now until the end of the following year

Adult – Over 18

$115 = $100 + $15 insurance

$165 = $150 + $15 insurance

Senior – Over 65

$100 = $85 + $15 insurance

$148 = $133 + $15 insurance


$180 = $150 + $30 insurance

$235 = $205 + $30 for 2 x insurance

Junior – under 18

$45 = $30 + $15 insurance

$75 = $60 + $15 insurance

Family - couple & kids under 18

$195 = $180 + insurance on each member so total will vary

$258 + $15 insurance on each member so total will vary

Lifetime Membership

$1000 + $15 annual insurance

$1000 + $15 annual insurance


Payment can be made by E Transfer  to (include  name and number) or by cheque or cash.
We do not have a credit card option

Insurance ChargesOur insurance cannot  be prorated so the full annual fee has to be charged 


COVID 19 Regulations Pertaining to Indoor Range

The indoor range has been set up to limit the number of lanes to be used at one time to three lanes. The shooting line is set up at the yellow line just inside the doors entry point. The spacing is controlled by having two shooting tables and an archery target in between the tables. This arrangement ensures that the appropriate space of  2 metres is being followed. Please ensure that this arrangement stays in place when you are shooting. Archers using the targets are asked to put them back in the shooting line after use. The number of people in the range area is limited to three. Spectators should stay in the kitchen
area with appropriate social distancing being followed.

The use of hand sanitizers and disinfectants on handles, switches and surfaces should be used at all times as directed by our Health officials. Do not assume that the previous shooters disinfected everything. Remember you are not only responsible for yourself but for your fellow members and their families. 

In order to reduce the potential area that can be contaminated, the indoor range has been made accessible at the bottom level. There is a key box and instructions on unlocking the double sliding doors to enter the kitchen and adjoining indoor range area. Remember to close the sliding doors when shooting.

The gate at the end of the upper parking area will be left open and parking is available at the lower level. If your vehicle has problems on the road down to the lower area please carry your stuff down the stairs alongside the building. Please avoid DO NOT use the Boardroom and interior stairs.



1.  Prior to using firearms at the CLUB all new members are required to attend a club orientation. Members who have not participated in shooting activities in the past but wish to do so must also attend an orientation session.

To arrange for an orientation session send a request to the following email address and you will be contacted to set up the time and place.

2. Sign in sheets for members and their guests are located at the trap shack and in the kitchen outside the Indoor Range. Members MUST sign in and out.

3. Guests
 MUST be signed in and out and be accompanied by a member at all times. There is a fee for guests of $10.00 to cover payment for insurance costs  - so make sure that the fee is collected. Guests are allowed to use the facilities twice per year, after which he or she must become a member. Memberships are what keep the club open and running for all of us to enjoy so please encourage your guests to become members. 

4. Junior Members Must also be signed in and out and accompanied by an adult member. 

5. Membership cards Must be carried at all times while on Club property. People without membership cards can be asked to leave. If you see someone at the club that you don't know to be a member, introduce yourself show them your membership card and ask to see their membership card. 



A. Access to the Grounds and Club House:

1. The combination to the lock on the gate is on the back of your membership card. To open the lock put in the combination and then push and pull the lock to open.  When locking the gate push the lock together and change combination. The combination lock on the Club House will be the same as the gate. You will be advised of any changes.

2. Safety Rules are posted at each shooting area.

B. Indoor Range:

1. The Indoor Range can be used for ARCHERY any day of the week and for FIREARMS - (limited to HAND GUNS, RIM FIRE RIFLES and RIFLES USING PISTOL ROUNDS) - Tuesdays to Saturdays - NOT SUNDAYS OR MONDAYS.

2. The hours when firearms can be used in the Indoor Range are from 10:00 am to 9:00 pm - Tuesdays to Saturdays

3.  Please put away targets and clean up when finished.


4.  The RED light should be turned on when the range is active and the GREEN light when not active.

5. All doors to the Indoor Range including the sliding doors off the kitchen must be shut when shooting is underway.


6.  Hearing and eye protection should be worn at all times.

7.  Turn off heat and air ventilation fan when done.


Please do not shoot the archery targets as they are very expensive, ($400) each and bullets lodged in the archery butt can damage the target arrows, which can cost up to $45 each.




The 100 Yard Range is not operative at this time. No shooting of firearms is permitted at this facility


Trap Shooting is limited to a maximum of 2 hours per week. 

Trap Shooting is normally held on Saturdays from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm. Changes to this time and schedule will be communicated to members via email and/or will be posted on the Web Site Event Calendar.

A group of qualified members are responsible for setting up and operating the facilities and trap machine. They can also provide clays and the appropriate steel shot ammunition.

1. You must put up the RED flag located at the 100 yd range house when trap is ACTIVE and the GREEN when shooting has stopped.

2. Lead shot is not allowed - ammo must be steel shot.

3.  Hand Thrown Traps are not permitted

4.  Only load ONE round at a time.

5.  Guns not being used should be in the gun rack.


5 - Please clean up after your self, pick up all hulls and cardboard. Recycling bins are located inside the trap shack.




Archery is reserved for the Indoor Range every Monday and Wednesday from 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm. Archery can also take place on Sundays and Mondays when Firearm usage is prohibited.

F. 2019 Executive:


President  - Ken Cameron                   250-537-1243

Vice-President -  John Fraser                 

Secretary – Alison Cunningham

Treasurer – John Wiebe

Past President - John Foley

Board Members 
Nick Boychuck

Celine Boychuk

Cedric Barker

John Fraser

Gerald Stel



"Enjoy the activities at the club"